MusexPress 2.0 (Coming Soon)

Muse and WordPress together? Yeah!

Use the MusexPress CMS to create a website with Adobe Muse and manage it with WordPress


Does it look familiar...?

1. Web designer at work

2. Meeting with his customer

3. Customer's request

4. Thinking about a solution

5. Idea

6. Happiness!

Main features

Restricted Area

User Managing System

Blog System

You can embed a restricted area in your website which only your registered users can access. It’s now possible to restrict infinite contents and make them visible only to authorized users.

With MusexPress you’ll finally be able to have registered users to your Muse website. You can assign a different role to each user (manage permission).

Create and edit your blog-posts in just a few clicks with MusexPress. You can finally have a real blog designed entirely with Muse and manageable with the most famous and clearest blogging panel in the world.

Multiple Admins

Commenting System

Media Gallery

You can alocate different roles to co-workers and allow them to log-in and begin creating and editing contents - very useful for enabling different users to manage specific parts of the website!

We use the most complete and powerful commenting system in the world: WordPress! Easy management allows moderation and pre-approval before they are displayed.

You can upload images from the admin panel and create a fully dynamic gallery.

It’s now possible to edit images as often as you and your customers wish.

Video Player & Playlist

Audio Player & Playlist

Live Search

From Media Gallery you can upload videos and create playlists in just a few clicks. You can customize the video player with Muse to suit your website’s style.

You can easily upload audio files and create a playlist from Media Gallery in the admin panel. Choose the perfect style for the audio player, fully-customizable with Muse!

Add a dynamic live search system to your Muse website in a few steps to allow simple and quick searching of any blog-contents.

SEO Friendly

Personal Branding

Fully Responsive

MusexPress benefits from SEO technology like all sites powered with Wordpress. Thanks to the dynamic contents you create with MusexPress your website will show up automatically on search engines.

You can customize the admin panel with your or your customer’s logo and bring the brand identity to both the front and back-ends.

MusexPress is compatible with the latest Adobe Muse version which is totally responsive. Admin panel is completely responsive too and you can also log-in from the Wordpress official app.

WooCommerce with Muse!

The world's favorite standalone e-Commerce solution fully compatible with Muse! A simple, neat, and user-friendly toolkit that allows you to sell anything at all. Whether you want to build a small shop or a huge store, Woocommerce is the right solution to have your ecommerce always climbing!



easy to use design tools

no coding skills required

time saving design

direct control over websites’ contents

blog & complex web app

users’ managing system


easy to use design tools

no coding skills required

time saving design

direct control over websites’ contents

blog & complex web app

users’ managing system


easy to use design tools

no coding skills required

time saving design

direct control over websites’ contents

blog & complex web app

users’ managing system

How does it work?

1. Choose a domain with a hosting plan that supports WordPress

2. Upload MusexPress to your server with a FTP client

3. Follow the simple MusexPress installation wizard

4. Upload your Muse theme to the same MusexPress folder

5. Convert the pages to PHP with Pages Converter Plugin

6. Enjoy your first MusexPress website!

What can you do with MusexPress?

MusexPress is a powerful tool that allows you to design your website with Muse and manage contents with the WordPress admin panel. Thanks to Musexpress you can now embed a Restricted Area, a complete Blog and a live Search in your Muse project and handle everything from the admin panel. Imagine your customers: they can now seamlessly create, edit, review and publish content themselves. All you have to decide is which contents you would like to enable them to edit!

All of this from a single admin panel fully customizable with your or your customer’s logo. MusexPress is the first real CMS for Adobe Muse. Our team is at work creating many exciting new functions to make Muse even more complete and dynamic.

Why do use WordPress?

We could have created something completely new but we chose to work with WordPress because it’s the best CMS in the world: affordable, up-to-date, with thousand of plugins to enable any function you need.  That’s why it powers around 1 in 4 of the world's websites. Why would we start from scratch when we can benefit from a well-tested and completely comprehensive CMS?  Instead, we have focused on how to extend the power of WordPress to the Muse world! The WordPress admin panel’s interface is both very intuitive and user-friendly and your customers will surely find it easy to use. Imagine the two most powerful tools of the moment: Adobe Muse allows you to design sophisticated websites easily  and Wordpress enables you to manage contents with surprising ease and safety. Now imagine merging them into one single solution… That’s MusexPress!

What add-ons are?

Add-ons are new functions for MusexPress which our team is developing tirelessly to improve this unique CMS and to make it more and more powerful. There’s almost nothing you can’t do with WordPress and our aim is to bring all of its capabilities to the Muse world.

Thanks to our add-ons MusexPress has become a more comprehensive CMS and will help you manage your Muse websites’ contents, create blogs, embed a restricted area, have a clean user management system, a live search and much more…

We will surprise you with many new functions and features. Much more often than you can imagine!

Easy to use with no-code required

MusexPress can be installed easily with no coding skills required. Our team will do its best

to help to make it simpler and simpler to use Adobe Muse graphic tools and connect them to WordPress in a few clicks. Our full documentation and video tutorials will help you to install and configure MusexPress correctly.  And that’s not all! Our support team will be happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about the setup process and any other quieries you may have. You can submit a query on at any time to get free and quick support.

Personal Hosting & No Monthly Fee

MusexPress can be set up on your own hosting and needs no other web services to get going. You will keep your domain name and have no extra monthly-fee. Updates are totally included in our one-year-subscription so there will be no extra charges!

Find here a list of compatible third party plugins for MusexPress admin panel and WooCommerce Add-on. Fully tested and ready to use!

Third Party Compatible Plugins!

WP Plugins

WooCommerce Plugins

New Add-ons!

Don't miss our new amazing add-ons to connect the power of WordPress to your Adobe Muse website.


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Pages 2.0

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Search Box 2.0

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Blog 1.1

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Discover all add-ons

WordPress App compatible!

Now you can manage your MusexPress panel directly from the official WordPress App! Download it for free (App Store and Google Play) directly from your smartphone.

Video Tutorials

Stay tuned and discover how easy is it to make your website fully dynamic with MusexPress

Watch all tutorials

What's included in MusexPress

  1. One custom WordPress Install ZIP file (only this custom WP works with our widgets)
  2. MusexPress Add-ons

Full Documentation

How can I buy it?

MusexPress is FREE only for MuseGain members. If you are not a member, subscribe to our Advanced Plan to download it at only $69. You’ll get its current add-ons and over 150 Adobe Muse Widgets & Themes plus everything else we release for one full year! You can also choose the Rockstar Plan ($89) if you need to download MusexPress + Woocommerce!

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